Coraline : A Homage To Jon Foreman

by Asela Perera

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Note from Asela Perera :

"Good writers borrow, great writers steal" - Quote from Jon Foreman (Originally by T.S Eliot)

In early 2015, during the writing sessions for the "These Years" record, I stumbled into the idea of writing a song based on a fictitious character. Eventually this said character took the shape of a girl by the name of Coraline. It was during this time that I was working with Natasha Senanayake on several arrangements for the record including Coraline. It was during the recording of Coraline that, in a moment of magic, Natasha came to realize what would eventually be the waltz that Coraline would listen to on her musicbox as a child. (Coraline's Waltz)

So. You might ask why the homage to Jon Foreman?

I was first inspired to write and put thoughts into melody by Swichfoot and Jon Foreman. To this day they are a constant in my life and a steadfast source of comfort during dark times.

Soon after the recording of the "Coraline Project" , being an avid follower of Jon's music and a huge fan of his work, I discovered his solo venture named The Wonderlands and furthermore a song penned by him of the name Caroline. Curiosity led me to give it a listen upon which realization struck on the identical nature of certain lyrics and melodic content between Caroline and Coraline. Is your mind in a headspin? So was mine.

On consulting with two of my closest friends, we discovered videos of Jon's live performances of the song dating back to 2013. As shattered as I was to discover this, I have come to conclude over time that there was no other explanation than my possibly having viewed the older videos of his performance and that some fragments of Caroline had spilled subconciously into my writing.

Ofcourse this led to Coraline and Coraline's Waltz being cut from the album and for the longest time, I shelved these songs in the darkest corners of my laptop. Out of sight but never out of mind.

Over time, I have come to love and adore Jon's creation. Caroline is a masterpiece and a work of true art. There's no doubt in my mind that the events that came to be were as what I concluded. And I have finally come to terms with it.

It's with this realization that the following sees the light of day finally.

This is the story of Coraline, released as homage to one of the most best songwriters of our generation and an amazing human being, Jon Foreman.

Thanks & Regards
Asela (Not a great writer).


released January 11, 2016

music, lyrics and vocal performance by Asela Perera

piano arrangement and performance for Coraline by Natasha Senanayake

composition and performance of Coraline's Waltz by Natasha Senanayake


all rights reserved



Asela Perera Sri Lanka

write fearlessly.

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Track Name: Coraline
You were the kindest of hearts at times,
When the laughter filled your mind,
With the ghosts you keep.

Close at heart,
They speak to you like they're works of art,
Sentiments they are world's apart,
From the company you meet.

But keep your light bright now,
Keep your heart bright now,
Keep your eyes bright now,
For me.

Movie screens,
Change your vision of who you'll be,
Black & whites found on magazines,
Will wrong the rights in your mind.

Oh Coraline,
Don't you dare give in tonight,
Fighting with the ghosts in your mind,
And their megaphone speech.

Of those teenage dreams,
Just remember when your heart was free,
Of the burden of those fucked up dreams,
They only weigh you down.

But keep your light bright now,
Keep your heart bright now,
Keep your eyes brights now,
For me.

So you're up at night,
Fighting off the hands and sleepless nights,
Bruises that have lived a lie,
For no fault of your own.

Now you're standing at a payphone,
Half a dozen years of missing home,
All you eve get's a static tone,
And a stranger says "Hello?"

He tells you that your father's dead,
Your childhood sweet is a family man,
Living with his kids and a minivan,
Leaving you in his thoughts.

But keep your light bright now,
Keep your heart bright now,
Keep your eyes bright now,
For me.

So it's been twenty years,
They speak of her who had a heart so fierce,
Even when the wars were waging in her mind,
Her laughter, her fears.

Where's your light right now?
Where's your heart right now?
Where's your hope right now?