A Conversation For A Sunday

by Asela Perera

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Music is therapy.
Praying for my Island to stay strong.


Dear Father, may I call you a friend?
Do listen to me.
On a Sunday like this, yes I do concede,
My heart is but torn in the middle,
I was hoping You would help me to steer my beliefs.

On one hand I was a seed, planted and weaved,
Been taught, I've been plenty, from childhood to moments I choked on their weeds.
Yet here comes another and another,
Their lips move in a manner which my ears could not deserve,
Surely it's all but illusion,
They could not know better than me, my mind and my Earth.

But then again, dear Father, could it be the powers that be?
I placed them there, on pedestal, so they would serve me,
Do I drink in all of their speeches?
Or flush them down a stream of red and dirty green?
You're right, their truth is but forever,
Bought at the highest bid in an auction of power and glee.

Across the aisle I confess I was just as lost,
In all this commotion and subliminal elusive thoughts,
I met a man and his story,
He told me "Dear brother, look at me, i'm radiant as the sun"
He told me he would hear me,
But truth be told, his words felt forced right upon my tongue.

Now it's possibly here that the chaos all starts,
The birth of the rivers of red and these calcified hearts,
All from refusal of their own words, for a place to light up a part of my dark,
How could I blame him, my brother, for pushing back and rejecting my own art?

Dear Father i know we've been at this for a while,
Not just on this Sunday, but for years, yes I've heard it all through the vines,
All we have is but each other,
Let's tussle over words,
but break bread and do share the wine,
Blow by blow, let's iron out the creases,
Yet pick each other up and laugh out loud for a while.

Thank you dear Father you listened, now tell me,
what ask you of me?
To come home? I will, stay near the wishing tree,
For soon I'll be with you,
Is it sooner than you would have me believe?
"oh hello my dear brother, what's this gift you brought for me?"
Should I stand here so very still?
So very still.


released April 25, 2019
Written, arranged & performed by Asela Perera


all rights reserved