A Foregone Conclusion

from by Asela Perera



There's a map with the lines and dilemma,
I'm quite sure that I leave tonight,
A foregone conclusion, a quiet conversation,
In the dawn, the breaking of light.
And I will be just a flickering scene,
Just a frame in the story of you and another,
A foregone conclusion, a fallback solution,
To your convenient dream.

Dream. Dream.
There's a map with fault lines and conclusions,
Of where I should go and where you should be,
A foregone conclusion, a silent realization,
These lines were all drawn in by me.
So I take belief while you find your peace,
Not one fault is bigger than the other,
A foregone conclusion, a calming surrender,
To love, to life and to dreams.

Dream. Dream.
If you should find a day that you would call my name,
Remembering me right by your side,
For hopes of a dance, for a minute, one last chance,
Just think twice and please realize.
That I’m a foregone conclusion,
A foregone conclusion,
A foregone conclusion, a foolproof delusion,
To your convenient dream.


from These Years, released September 6, 2015
written, arranged and performed by Asela Perera
cello arranged by Natasha Senanayake
cello performed by Savini Chandrasinghe
flute arranged and performed by Natasha Senanayake
percussion arranged and performed by Shehan Rodrigo


all rights reserved



Asela Perera Sri Lanka

write fearlessly.

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