Your Satellite & Our Signal Fire

by Asela Perera



Your Satellite & Our Signal Fire is the 2nd single from the upcoming album called G0LD and is a song that debates what the passing of a loved one does to the people they leave behind. The questions unanswered, the coping, the memories and everything that they struggle with and cherish at the same time, in the aftermath.


I wonder if there's clarity in your stride,
In your journey to the light,
No doubts that linger.

Spilled the words that fill you to the brim,
Lived your heartaches and then the whims,
Would you call it life fulfilled?

So tell me friend, in your final hour,
Have you struck your list and signaled down the tower?
For your departure now.

As you take flight into the sky,
Shining down like a satellite,
Our signal fire.

Yet in my mind and my memory,
I've called your bluff a 1000 times, we'll see,
Is the final joke on me?

As you lay there with fresh cut flowers,
Under Sunday's vibrant hour,
Your family gathered in prayer.

As we crowd into the living room,
Your mother speaks of a stubborn truth,
Childhood tales that'd make you blush.

Stood at the back as I looked around at,
All the faces that had moved on out,
In your fair time here.

You know, we're water and we're bone,
Dirty feet and our polished "souls",
Wearing suits of stories shared with you

And now I'm here in my final hour,
Staring up at the big tall tower,
I see your signal fire.

Oh your smile, it calls to me,
"Let's share drinks and a memory."
As the rest remember us now.


released November 18, 2018
Written, arranged & performed by Asela Perera
Vocals arranged & performed by CC De Silva & Natasha Senanayake
Piano arranged & performed by Natasha Senanayake
Soundscape arranged by Natasha Senanayake
Electric Guitar arranged & performed by Nishan Daniel
Bass & Percussion arranged by Nishan Daniel
Produced, mixed & mastered by Nishan Daniel at Hitfactory


all rights reserved



Asela Perera Sri Lanka

write fearlessly.

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